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12 Entertainment Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

These ideas can be used as inspiration when planning your event:

1) Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality can be used to entertain attendees at your event. It can also be used as a training tool. VR can be used to provide a more realistic training experience for those attending smaller breakout sessions. You can also use VR to elevate trade shows to the next level. AR, like VR, is a cutting-edge event entertainment option. An AR technology can be used to host a scavenger hunt. Think Pokemon GO, but customized for your event! This can generate excitement and encourage attendees to interact with you and each other throughout the event.

2) Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great way to build team spirit and create community. Escape rooms can be fun and tailored to your goals. For example, if you host a corporate event about medical technology advancements, make sure to include that in your escape room. Escape rooms foster communication and encourage interaction between guests. It’s the best way to bond.

3) Celebrity impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are a fun and easy entertainment option for corporate events. Take into account your event and your audience, and match the impersonator to your goals. For example, a charity dinner might be an opportunity to hire a singer such as Elvis or Cher. Consider a group of drag queens and female impersonators for something bolder and more daring. Talented people can perform as well as those who are not so talented. Get creative and think outside the box!

4) Visual Artists

A visual artist can make your event a focal point. You might consider commissioning a mural that is painted in real-time and incorporates your branding. Hire an artist to create art installations for your benefit event or other events to help raise awareness about a specific issue. It doesn’t have to be that big. Coffee artists can create art from a cup. It is a great way for the community to get involved by hiring an artist. This display provides a central point for people to gather and also allows them to share photos on social media. It can help you build your brand’s reputation.

5) Contests

It’s never wrong to have a little competition. Relay races, trivia, and scavenger hunts are all great ways to encourage participation, engagement, as well as investment in your event. You should ensure that your prizes are worth the effort, and you have clear rules about participation.

6) Circus Performers

Your venue and event details will determine whether you can use circus performers. However, they can add an exciting and unique element to your day. You can think of illusionists, contortionists and acrobats. A Cirque de Soleil show at your event. They don’t necessarily need to perform on a stage. They can interact with guests during cocktail hours or work the crowd between sessions.

7) Video Mapping Dancers

Video mapping dancers have become a rage. Their movements combine light and music to create stunning visual displays. This is a great way for guests to be entertained and further your brand. This type of entertainment will increase your social media followers and make your event more memorable.

8) Tarot Readings

A tarot reader is a great option for smaller events. It can make your guests’ event memorable and fun. People are fascinated by the mysteries they cannot explain. Instead of hiring the same magicians or hypnotists that everyone else uses, try mixing it up. Hire someone with a lot of experience. Your guests will be happier if the tarot reader is a professional.

9) Caricature Artist

A caricaturist can be hired for events to engage guests and give them something to take home. You can have the artist interact with the crowd and draw caricatures. Or, you can set them up in one place and have their drawings projected onto a screen or wall for everyone to see.

10) Comedians

Hire a comedian if you want people laughing. Comedy can help break the ice and get people talking. Comedians are great for benefit events and fundraisers. They can use their humor as a way to raise awareness about your cause. Remember that everyone has a different sense of humor so make sure you choose a comedian who is able to bring out your point. You may find that pushing the boundaries is exactly what you want, but it could be disastrous for your guests. Consider who you will be hiring if you decide to go this route.

11) Fire Performers

Your venue will determine if you are able to hire artists who work with fire. Be sure to check that you have the permission to perform this type of entertainment before you make any plans. You can spice it up with performers who are willing to eat, dance, and juggle with fire. This will amaze your guests and keep them talking long after the event is over. It’s unexpected, thrilling, and visually breathtaking.

12) Mixology Class

Get your bottoms up A mixology class is a great option for small events such as team building exercises or networking sessions. Invite a professional bartender to teach attendees how to make cocktails and taste-test them. A cooking class is a great way to get rid of alcohol. Hire a local chef instead of a bartender to show your guests how to make delicious dishes and other kitchen tricks.


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