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Both the woman and the father can experience excitement and change during pregnancy. Expectant fathers often feel anxious and excited about their child’s birth. Understanding the changes pregnant women experience during pregnancy and how they will affect you as a father can help you offer support and information to your partner. This page will provide information on pregnancy and what to expect during and afterwards. It also explains the role of the father in supporting and helping his partner.

What Happens During Pregnancy

The time that the baby develops and grows during pregnancy is called pregnancy. The average pregnancy lasts for 9 months or 40 weeks. While you will be given a date for the baby’s due date, it is not a guarantee that the baby will be born on this date. The three sections of pregnancy are called trimesters. These trimesters are specific periods of baby’s growth.

  • First Trimester: This is the first part of pregnancy. It begins at conception and ends at 13 weeks. The first trimester is the most common time that women experience nausea, vomiting, back pain, and other side effects. You may experience mood swings and changes with your partner during this period. The first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy is often when they need to get more sleep. You can be involved in the first trimester by going with your partner to her prenatal appointments and reading books about pregnancy.
  • The second trimester refers to weeks 13 through 26 during pregnancy. It is more common for women to feel healthier in the second trimester than in the first. Morning sickness and nausea usually disappear, along with backaches. Your partner’s body will change during the second trimester to accommodate the baby’s growth. The pregnancy will become more obvious due to your partner’s expanding uterus. Her belly will push outward and become rounder. You will feel the baby kick in the latter weeks of the second trimestre. You can support the baby’s bodily changes by being there for her.
  • Third Trimester: This is when your partner will experience the most common problems during pregnancy. Your partner might experience backaches as the baby grows. You may notice that she is more tired than usual and has difficulty moving around or completing tasks. Your partner will go into labor at the end of the third month and your baby will arrive.

Is there anything I can do to make my baby healthier?

Encourage your partner to eat healthy and take her vitamins to help your baby be healthier. It can be a great idea to encourage healthy lifestyle changes within yourself. Your partner should not smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs during pregnancy. By abstaining yourself and by being clean together, you can help your partner achieve this. Secondhand smoke can adversely affect a pregnant woman’s health. This is scientifically proven. Smoking around your partner is a bad idea.

Can We Contact Her While Pregnant

Yes. Yes. As long as your doctor has not told you otherwise, it is okay to have sex with your partner while she is pregnant. Some couples fear that having sex while pregnant can cause harm to the baby. However, the baby is protected by the uterus, cervix, and other protective factors. Because of her pregnancy, certain positions might be uncomfortable for your partner. Ask your partner to share what makes her feel good, and ask the doctor what positions are most comfortable. There are many ways to be intimate with your partner if your partner is unable to have sex. Oral sex, mutual masturbation and fondling are all options. Kissing, cuddling, and kissing are also possible. Sometimes, sex can be difficult for pregnant women. It could be due to hormonal changes or because she is embarrassed or self-conscious about what her body has gone through. Your partner should feel good about herself and be comfortable with the changes that are taking place. Do not force her to have sex if she doesn’t want it. Instead, look for other ways to make her feel happy.

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