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What should you expect during pregnancy? This is the place for you! This illustrated pregnancy calendar provides a guideline for all the changes occurring in your baby and you.

Each week includes a description about your baby’s growth and an explanation of any changes that are occurring in your body. Important medical information will also be included to help you and your baby stay healthy.

Word about Due Dates and Trimesters

The first question that you will likely be asked after you announce your pregnancy is “When are you due?” Your health care provider will assist you in determining your expected delivery date (EDD) at your first prenatal appointment. Your EDD is 40 Weeks from the date of your last period (LMP).

Remember that your due date is an estimate. Most babies are born between 38-42 weeks after their mother’s LMP. Only a small number of women give birth on their due dates.

Trimester is another term that you will hear throughout your pregnancy. A pregnancy can be divided into three parts:

  • The first trimester runs from week 1 through week 12
  • The second trimester runs from week 13 through week 26
  • The third trimester runs from week 27 through the end of pregnancy

Getting Started

Click below to start viewing the week of your choice. Many articles contain links to additional information about pregnancy and newborn.

Keep checking back each week to see the progress of your baby and what changes you can look forward to in your body.

PREGNANCY CALENDAR: A week-by-week guide



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