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Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests Reliable? (According To Science)

Are you late for your period? You might not want to go to the pharmacy if you think you are pregnant. Despite all the reasons for this, DIY pregnancy tests are still frequently searched online. Although doctors won’t approve pregnancy tests that aren’t equipped with a kit, there are many options.

2008 saw almost 7 million cases of pregnancy in the United States alone. In 2008, almost 7 million pregnancies were reported in the United States.

How can you tell if you’re already having the child you want?

Signs and symptoms are often used as a way to detect pregnancy. Signs and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and preferences for certain foods may appear in the first trimester. However, they are not always reliable and may not always be indicative of pregnancy.

These days, your best friend is an over-the-counter pregnancy testing kit! These kits are inexpensive and readily available at local drugstores. However, you should be careful when using commercial pregnancy testing kits. You should use commercial pregnancy test kits under certain conditions in order to get accurate and sensitive results.

Women on a budget want to find out if they’re pregnant. The beauty of online pregnancy tests is that they can be done at home! Did you know you can use bleach or toothpaste to determine your pregnancy status? These tests are becoming more popular.

Before you use these tests, it is important to understand the science and reliability of the results. Let’s get sciencey here and talk about seven common homemade pregnancy tests.

First Use of Bleach

Bleach is an inexpensive household staple that is popular among Moms and expecting Moms. It is also a great alternative to pregnancy tests. It’s likely that you already have it!

A bleach pregnancy test is not like the traditional kit. It is easy to understand and follow. Place your urine in a small container. Add bleach powder until it is sufficient. Use your hands to mix the mixture. If you see foam or fizz, it is likely that you are pregnant.

Could the foams be a sign that you are pregnant? Possibly! Your pregnancy hormones react with bleach to create bubbles and fizz. 6. Isn’t that cool?

Is bleach reliable? It is indeed reliable. Give it a try!

Second Use of Vinegar

You will not be allowed to cook with vinegar for this test. However, you will use vinegar to determine if you are a mom! It may smell a little. This process can be quite unpleasant so make sure you are well ventilated and don’t spill anything.

Mix the urine and vinegar together in a small container. While bubbles can occur during mixing, they are not a sign to be concerned about. Allow the vinegar-pee mixture to stand for a while. Do you want to find out if your vinegar-pee mixture is positive?

If you notice a change in the colour of your vinegar pee sample, congratulations! This test proves that you’ll be a mom in no time. Science has shown that this test is not reliable. You have probably noticed a change in the colour of the urine, which is often lighter. This is because vinegar dilutes it.

A pregnancy test is not possible without the presence or reaction of colored substances.7

Is vinegar really reliable? No!Test #3 Baking Soda

Baking soda could be used as a cleaning agent or an ingredient in our favorite pastries. You might use it to whiten your teeth and as a mask. Have you heard of baking soda being used to test for pregnancy?

Although it sounds crazy, the baking soda test is one the most popular online pregnancy tests. This pregnancy test is simple. You need two tablespoons baking soda and your urine. If you see bubbles or fizz, it is positive. ).

Although this method is simple to use and understand, the results are not always reliable. Your urine is slightly acidic like normal human urine. The basic baking soda will react and produce some gases. Do you remember the acid-base reaction that your science teacher taught you? This is the science behind fizz and bubbles appearing in this test.8,9

Is the baking soda test reliable? NO!

Fourth Use of Salt

These tests might make you feel a little salty because they are not reliable. You will need salt to test for salt pregnancy. Salt is inexpensive and readily available, making it an ideal choice for your DIY pregnancy test.

To perform the homemade pregnancy test, add an approximate amount of salt to a bowl and place your morning urine. This one does not have to be mixed. To see the results, you must be patient and wait at least three minutes. You are a mom-to-be if you see clumps.

Although this may seem like a simple and inexpensive method, the results are not always reliable. Your urine will also contain salts. Your mixture will have a higher salt content due to the salt crystals. You will notice more salt clumps in your mixture if you add more salt to it. You will also notice more clumps as you age.

Salt is not as reliable as it seems!


Use of Dishwashing Fluid

You are mistaken if you think that you have exhausted all your house supplies for testing your pregnancy status. You can also use dish soaps in your home to test for pregnancy.

You might find it helpful to have some dishwashing liquid, water and morning urine along with a small container for this test. First, mix the dish soap with water until you see foam. Add the dish soap solution to your urine at a 1:13 ratio (1 ml soap to 3 ml urine). Positive results are indicated by a change in colour or presence of bubbles in your soap-pee mix. It’s a baby!

This method is more precise than the other tests. According to some online sources, dish soap tests can be used for pregnancy testing. The positive results of this test are vague and questionable. Your urine will change colour if you use dish soap. This is because of differences in the dishwashing liquid’s colour and your urine. It is possible that your urine has changed in colour due to dish soap.

Don’t use your dish soap to test your pregnancy. Save it for later.

Use of Shampoo


You might be surprised to learn that shampoos you use every day for your hair can also be used for pregnancy diagnosis. Many online sites consider shampoo to be economical and friendly.

Although this method does not follow a standard procedure it is simple to understand and follow. You will need to put a small amount shampoo in a small bowl. Mix it well with water. Next, add some urine to the mixture. You can then observe if your urine mixtures change in appearance, such as bubbles or foams. These are the results you have seen? It’s a positive sign!

Similar to the dishwashing fluid test, this test is not reliable. Your urine-shampoo solution may contain bubbles if you make small movements.

A pregnancy test for shampoo is not reliable. You should also dispose of it after use, or you could be able to substitute with another shampoo. Yikes!

#7 Toothpaste

This is the most bizarre of all homemade tests that you’ll ever come across! Imagine your toothpaste being used to determine if you are pregnant. Although it may seem odd, many people believe that the toothpaste pregnancy test is accurate. It is worth a shot.

To see the results easily, you will need white toothpaste. Two tablespoons of toothpaste should be placed in a container. Next, slowly add a little bit of your urine. Watch for any changes in appearance. If there are frizz or foams present, the result is positive. You got positive?

The toothpaste test is a cheap and odd way to test for pregnancy, but its reliability is questionable. The acid-base reaction between your toothpaste and urine could be responsible for the formation of fizzes. It’s okay to get a little scientific. Remember that human urine can be slightly acidic, while toothpaste can contain calcium carbonate, which is a basic compound. 8,9 The bubbles you see in this mixture are not caused by the pregnancy hormones found in your urine. This should be the determinant in most pregnancy diagnostic tests around the world.

Do you think this test should be used? It is not reliable.


Your urine can reveal a lot about you, including your DNA, health status, and stage of pregnancy. It is like other compounds that changes when it is removed from the body. Due to the reduction of many compounds, your urine will become more acidic and change in color. The physical characteristics of your urine can change, which could make it difficult to determine if you are pregnant. It is difficult to perform these tests using a standard set, which can increase the chance of error. Other factors, such as the time of your tests, environmental conditions and urine sample should also be taken into consideration ..

These homemade tests may be affordable and convenient, but you will need to confirm your suspicions using approved kits or other methods. Remember that you must always verify the information you receive via the internet, especially if it concerns your safety and health. You must be careful to avoid any unwanted consequences from incorrectly diagnosing these DIY pregnancy tests. Professional help is always recommended.

It is an exciting, but delicate time in a woman’s life. You must take all precautions to ensure that you and your baby receive the love and care they deserve. Each step of your pregnancy is just as important after birth as it will have a significant impact on your baby’s growth and development.

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