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Do home pregnancy tests with salt work?

Those who use the salt home pregnancy testing method usually add a few drops to a teaspoon or two of salt to their urine. Then wait for a while to see if the urine or salt has changed.

Some say that pregnant women’s urine can cause salt to clump or fizz. Others claim that the urine will become cheesy and thicker.

Different websites recommend different procedures. This inconsistency indicates that the test is not reliable. It is not possible to accurately perform the test.


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Is it possible?

There are no scientific studies that suggest that urine in pregnancy can react with salt.

Salt-based pregnancy tests were not common before modern technology.

Why it would work

True Source. Home pregnancy tests work by measuring human-chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is released early in pregnancy and continues to increase during the first trimester. The hormone is detectable in the blood and excreted in the urine. This makes it easy to test for pregnancy by using urine.

Find out more about hCG pregnancy testing here.

The salt pregnancy test advocates claim that hCG interacts well with salt. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.


Numerous sites offer alternative methods of testing for pregnancy using wine, sugar, mustard and salt. These tests have not been supported by scientific research, particularly since faster and more reliable tests exist.

Find out more about home-made pregnancy tests.

There are many reasons why people might consider home pregnancy tests other than those they already have. There is always a better option in every situation.

Affordable and free

It can be costly to have a pregnancy test, especially if the test is digital or early. However, many family planning clinics offer free pregnancies testing. Some people with insurance might be eligible for free pregnancy testing during a well woman visit.

It is possible to order very cheap pregnancy tests online for those who don’t want to visit the doctor. You can order multiple strips-based pregnancy tests in bulk packages. They can usually be ordered from drugstores and other sites. They will arrive within a few days.

You can order a variety of pregnancy test strips online.

Private and secure

People worry about the possibility that someone will order a test for them. If this is the case, it is better to order a test online. If a person is concerned about their spouse or parent seeing the test, they can send it to a friend or family member.

According to medical privacy laws, doctors can’t tell anyone about a patient except the patient’s spouse. You can also get free pregnancy testing in total privacy.

Protecting minors under 18 years old is more difficult as doctors may need to share medical records with parents and caregivers. Family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood often offer low-cost or free testing for minors.

Quick alternatives

Ordering a delivery pregnancy test is a faster way to obtain a reliable test. Many stores offer same-day delivery and a driver will pick up the products. Some stores offer curbside pickup, which allows customers to pay their orders without having to interact with a cashier.

A person can order a pregnancy test online and receive a receipt in a matter of days even if same-day delivery is not possible.

How to visit a doctor

Pregnancy is not considered a medical emergency. Most healthcare providers will not recommend checking pregnant women until the second trimester.

There are many reasons to visit a doctor.

  • It is possible for a person to have a very late period. If a pregnancy test proves positive, consult your doctor.
  • A positive pregnancy test can cause bleeding. Even if your next pregnancy test is negative, you should still consult a doctor.
  • Someone experiencing intense stomach pain and positive pregnancy tests.
  • Someone who feels unsafe or afraid at home may think they are pregnant. Safe help and options can be provided by a doctor.
  • A woman is pregnant and wants to have an abortive procedure.

If you have severe vaginal bleeding or are experiencing intense pelvic pain, dizziness or fever, it is a good idea to visit the emergency room.


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It might seem like a good idea to do a simple, inexpensive, and natural home pregnancy test. Salt and other alternatives to pregnancy tests are not reliable or proven.

There are better options. For those who suspect they may be pregnant, you can contact your local doctor, midwife or free clinic.

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