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Find out how pregnancy affects your body and emotions. Find out about the process of pregnancy. Learn more about pregnancy, and how human beings develop in the womb. This will help you understand what your doctor, nurse, or midwife will tell you.

Regular prenatal care is important. Prenatal screenings and tests will be performed by your health care provider to ensure that your baby is healthy. You will be asked questions about common conditions and illnesses. These include side effects that may make you feel uncomfortable or worsen your pregnancy and other conditions that could affect your baby. You will be able to find out which medications are safe for pregnancy and which ones can cause harm to your baby. Manitoba’s Healthy Baby Program helps low-income mothers to purchase the healthy food they need during pregnancy.

You will begin to think about your child’s future parenting while you are still pregnant. Now think about the decisions that you will make after your baby is born. What are the advantages of breastfeeding your baby. What equipment do you need for a baby? What equipment will you need to provide safety for your baby? This site will help you to find the right resources to answer your questions.

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