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It can be difficult to manage your pregnancy while you work. It can be seen as a prelude for the larger juggling act that you will perform when you become a working mother.

It’s one of the most exciting pieces of news you will ever hear. It’s likely that the idea of your baby growing inside of you is a warm and welcoming feeling. The side effects of pregnancy like morning sickness, sleep disruptions and extreme fatigue can have a negative impact on your life, particularly your career.

Many women struggle to balance work and pregnancy, especially those with children. These tips will help you make this time of your life easier.

Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant

It’s easier to manage the difficulties of pregnancy and work if they aren’t hidden from you.

Announce Your Pregnancy

Your boss will know that you are pregnant. It will make it easier to manage work and pregnancy if your coworkers also know. Your coworkers will not think that you are slacking on work duties if you don’t feel well.

Share the news with people outside your immediate workplace. Use your best judgement. You might not need to explain tiredness, as every woman experiences pregnancy differently.

Tell How You Feel

Be honest with yourself when you don’t feel 100%. Tell your boss and coworkers. You may notice this more often towards the end of your pregnancy, when it is more difficult to move due to fatigue and weight gain.

Your honesty will be appreciated by your colleagues and they will likely pick up the slack. You can return the favor by working harder on days you feel better.

Think About Your Options

If you plan to return to full-time work after having a baby, tell your boss. If you feel that you prefer a flexible work schedule, working from home or returning to work after maternity leave, you can create a proposal to present to your boss.

Morning Sickness at work

Morning sickness is common in the first trimester for many women. This may be a time when your partner has not yet told you that they are pregnant. You should have a plan for dealing with morning sickness at work.

Avoid being on your feet for long periods of time to help with fatigue and other symptoms that can be associated with pregnancy. Avoid strenuous activity and rest.6 Don’t travel at the end of your last trimester. You should not overexert your body to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Be Prepared for both Good and Bad Days

You’ll have bad days and good days when you try to balance work and pregnancy. You will have days where you feel full of energy and excitement, and others when you feel tired and sick.5 If you feel good, work hard, finish projects by the deadline, and be as efficient and productive as possible. You’ll be able to relax on days you don’t feel great.

Safety Precautions

Ask for a job that offers safer conditions for pregnant women and men who work outside in inclement weather.8

Enjoy Being Pregnant

You should take time to relax and enjoy all the wonderful things about pregnancy, like shopping for your baby or decorating the nursery. You can also share your excitement about becoming pregnant with coworkers. You could be limiting your ability to share your excitement about the pregnancy with your coworkers if you keep your work strictly business-oriented. You should pay close attention to non-verbal cues as not all colleagues may be interested in hearing your business. )

Eat well while pregnant. You’ll feel great and pass on the essential nutrients to your baby.

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