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Every woman’s experience is different with pregnancy. Women may discover they are pregnant within the first few weeks, while others may not realize it until after their period. These are the most common signs of pregnancy that occur before you miss a period.

Unexplained Weakness

One of the most obvious signs of pregnancy is extreme weariness or exhaustion. Even if you’ve gotten 7-9 hours sleep, you may feel exhausted by tasks that you’ve never done before. The body’s energy requirements change during . This could cause fatigue or increase your nutritional needs. This may occur during the first trimester. In many cases, however, it is possible to manage weakness by making changes in your nutrition plan.

Frequent urination

It is possible to notice an increase in the need for urination even before you have missed a period.

Food cravings and aversions

In the first few weeks after conception, sudden and intense food sensitivities, flavour aversions and sensitivity to smells can develop. These may last throughout the pregnancy. A person may feel a stronger craving for certain foods.

Tender, swollen breasts

You may experience soreness, pain, swelling, darkening of the breasts, or heavy breasts a week before your missed period. After pregnancy, women’s breasts can become painful and sore because of an increase in estrogen and progesterone.

Elevated basal temperature

Your body’s temperature rises prior to ovulation, and then returns to normal after your period. High levels of progesterone can cause the basal temperature to rise during pregnancy.


Many pregnant women experience lightheadedness as an early sign of pregnancy. It can be caused by weakness or a drop in blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness or instability. This discomfort can last for up to a year, then it gradually disappears.

Change in discharge

Early pregnancy is indicated by a rise in cervical discharge. After implantation, the cervical discharge thickens and remains that way until you stop having periods. Itching around the vaginal area and a stinging sensation may also be present after implantation.


Cramping can occur in early pregnancy and could be mistakenly thought to be PMS, a regular period or an irregular period . It is possible that there has been increased blood flow to the uterus. Similar cramping occurs shortly before the woman’s monthly period.


Small traces of pinkish or brownish blood can appear a week before your period. This is known as implantation bleeding. It can cause minor bleeding and discomfort when the fertilized egg attaches the uterine line. Sometimes, spotting may be mistakenly thought to be a period. However, it is usually much lighter.


Before a missed period, stomach cramps or bloating are common symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms can be caused by an increase in progesterone.


Early signs of pregnancy are often similar to other conditions and your regular menstrual cycle. Premenstrual symptoms may be very similar to those of premenstruation. A pregnancy test is the best way of finding out if you are pregnant. If you think you may be pregnant and haven’t had your period for a while, you should consider taking a pregnancies test.


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