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Is It Alright To Take A Pregnancy Test At Night

Sometimes, anxiety can be a big factor in deciding when to have a pregnancy test. In both cases, you do not want an inaccurate result, regardless of whether you are anxiously waiting to become pregnant or not. We rely on our home pregnancy test kits to confirm our suspicions. Only then can we go to the lab for testing. The accuracy of home pregnancy tests using urine is about 99.99 percent. It can sometimes be affected by lifestyle factors, irregular menstrual cycles, low hormone levels, and other factors. Popular belief is that a morning pregnancy test is better than a night one, as there are more chances of getting false positives at night. We have attempted to determine how true this statement is.


02/4Can you do a night-time pregnancy test?

Although it is acceptable to perform the pregnancy test at night, it is not recommended. However, this could lead to a negative result. The home pregnancy test measures the amount of human chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), in your urine. The hormone is produced by the placenta. By the tenth day after ovulation, the level of hCG in the urine can be easily detected with a home pregnancy test kit. Because of the high urine concentration, it is best to take the test in the morning. Because you wouldn’t have drank water or peed at night, your urine will contain more hCG, making it easier to determine if you are pregnant. Your urine would have been diluted at night and your hCG level would be lower, which could lead to a negative pregnancy.


03/4What should you do if your night test is negative

Although the at-home pregnancy test kit is accurate, there are still chances of a negative pregnancy. If your test results are negative and you are trying to conceive or have any symptoms, it is a good idea to repeat the test within a few days. You can have negative results from several factors, including taking the test too soon or not following the instructions.

04/4The best moment to take a test for pregnancy

It is best to test for pregnancy after your period has ended. Some kits give positive results as soon as 4 to 5 days before your period. It is best to take the test after your missed period, as it will give you a more accurate result. If you have irregular periods, wait between 35 and 40 days before taking this test. To get a precise result, it is better to take the test in the morning than the night.

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