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In the second month, the baby is 2cm tall and has a beating heart. The baby’s eyes, bones and elbows begin to form.

Third month

Nearing the end of the third trimester, you can see that the baby is already approximately 7-8 cm long and is moving. Mothers still haven’t felt it yet. The face is human and all major organs are developing.

Fourth month

In the fourth month, baby starts to move, swallow, produce urine, and expectant mothers may feel their baby moving. The baby now measures 13 cm in length. Its toes, fingers, and genital organs have grown further. Fifth month

Your baby’s fifth month is when he/she reaches 20 cm and starts sucking its thumb. Mothers can sense the baby’s movements and babies have established regular sleeping patterns.

Sixth month

Expectant mothers who have not yet felt their baby move will soon. The baby is now 30 cm tall and very active by the sixth month. By this point, the baby’s hair has begun to grow and his lungs have developed fully.

Seventh month

The baby is now 35cm in the seventh month. He or she can kick and stretch a lot which can sometimes make it uncomfortable or even painful. The baby can respond to sound and can open or close its eyes and hands. Eighth month

The eighth month has seen the completion of all the baby’s major developmental milestones. The baby’s weight has nearly doubled from the previous month. This could mean that things may be changing. The baby is now 45cm.

Ninth month

The baby can reach 45cm in length and weigh 2.5 to 4 kg by the ninth month. Your baby’s movements are limited by the space in your stomach. You can feel every movement that your baby makes. Baby is usually positioned upside down, with its head in the region of the pelvis. It’s ready to get out!

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