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This hCG serum test measures the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in blood. It can be used to confirm pregnancy more accurately and earlier than other home pregnancy tests. This test can be performed under the guidance of your healthcare provider to identify an ectopic (tubal), monitor or confirm pregnancy.

Accuracy Matters

It is possible for a home/urine pregnancy test to give false results.

False negative results (test is negative but you are pregnant). This is usually caused by a blood pregnancy test that was done too soon. A rule of thumb is to wait at least seven days after conception before a positive result is shown. Your negative pregnancy test result could be due to insufficient hCG levels. Early pregnancy is when hCG levels increase quickly. If you suspect that you were given a false negative result due to testing too early and still haven’t had a period, wait 48-72 hours before repeating the hCG quantitative test.

False-Positive results (test positive but not pregnant): This is very rare. This can happen if you take hCG-containing medication or have certain medical conditions.


No special preparation.

This Test Is Worth Your Attention

Earlier Detection

A hCG serum test is able to detect hCG in pregnancy earlier than urine tests; it can be done between six and eight days after conception.1,2


Greater Accuracy

An hCG serum is a blood test that measures the amount of hCG in your body. This allows for more accurate confirmation of pregnancy than urine tests, which can sometimes give contradicting results.

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