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Please take a pregnancy test if you have missed a period. Two pregnancy tests have been provided to you for this purpose. We can provide additional pregnancy tests if you have any questions. Please contact us via email or phone.

Please contact us to schedule your ULTRASOUND if you have had a positive pregnancy test. We can be reached at 919-843-88246 or by email at fertility@unc.edu


  1. Take off the plastic cap and expose the absorbent window.
  2. The absorbent tip, which has 5 small openings, should be pointed directly into the urine stream. To ensure adequate sample collection, the test device should be used for at least 7-10 second. Another method is to place the urine in a clean container. Then dip the absorbent pad half for at least 10 seconds. )
  3. Place the device horizontally on a flat, clean surface. Allow the test to complete for 5 minutes.


Negative Result: NOT PREGNANT

On the top Control (C), region, only one color band is visible. The Test (T) area should not have any apparent bands. The control line is intended to validate the test. It should be sharp and clear against a white background.


On the Test (T), and Control (C) regions, there are distinct and consistent colour bands. The intensity of the colours may vary depending on how much hCG has been developed and what concentrations they are. The intensity of the test line is typically slightly lower than that of the control line. A pattern of increasing intensity in the test line is a better predictor than any single reading.

Invalid Results

Discontinue the test if there is no control line visible. Test again with a different device.


Pregnancy tests should be kept at room temperature between 36 and 86 degrees F. After the expiration date stamped on each pregnancy test, throw away any unused pregnancy tests. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, or moisture.


Used test devices and urine samples can be infectious so keep them out of direct contact with any objects. Hand washing and proper disposal are important.

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